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Growing Up in the West Midlands

G:up is an alliance of West Midlands, children, young people and families’, voluntary and community sector organisations and networks as well as public sector and national partners.

G:up works in a regional space to develop networks, communications and collaboration, build capacity and shape policy and strategy.

G:up’s vision is that all children, young people and families have access to a wide range of high quality VCS services that meet their needs, interests and aspirations.

G:up in brief:

Our members represent the diversity of the children, young people (ages 0‐19) and families, voluntary and community sector across the West Midlands region.

G:up membership is free and open to different organisations, who support our vision and principles and that work in or with the children, young people and families’ voluntary and community sector (CYPF VCS) within the West Midlands.

We are managed by an Executive Committee who is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of G:up.

We cover the West Midlands region.

Our website is:

Our quarterly newsletter is packed with the latest on our projects, tools and opportunities:

Our core work is to:

  • Engage – build and strengthen networks and communications
  • Influence – shape policy, locally and regionally
  • Develop – build organisations’ capacity and share learning

Our values are:

  • to collaborate
  • to work openly and inclusively
  • to stay children and young people focused.

We are committed to developing new approaches and new ways of working.

We enable organisations to contribute to policy and strategy at a local and regional level.

We aim to increase the capacity and resources available to infrastrucutre support organisations (ISOs) to enhance the work of CYPF VCOs.

We work with national partners including Children England, NCVYS (National Council for Voluntary Youth Services) and CWDC (Children’s Workforce Development Council) to support our mission and values.

How to treat allergies with prescribed medicines

Statistics show that almost one in five men is affected by allergies. This condition appears as an exaggerated reaction of the immune system when getting in contact with a particular factor. It might be something you touched, ate, or breathed. As a result, histamine is released right under the skin, causing the appearance of red, itchy spots on various areas of your body. What can you do? Will prescribed medicines help you? Why should you use OxyHives?

The most common prescribed medicines for hives

How to treat allergies with prescribed medicinesConsult your doctor in the first day when the allergy symptoms occur. Try to remember what you ate and where you’ve been because it will help you to determine the exact cause of the hives. Additionally, explain the sensations you had before and after the outbreak. Did you feel any tingling or burning sensations? These facts are essential before establishing the right treatment. You might need antihistamines, corticosteroid pills, immunomodulators or topical creams.

According to, some of the most common prescribed drugs for allergies are Xyzal, Clarinex, Zyrtec, Claritin, and Allegra. These pills have mild sedative effects, so you should not take them if you frequently have to drive. Plus, they cause drowsiness, dizziness, and numerous other negative outcomes. Because is formulated with 100% natural and homeopathic ingredients, it is completely harmless and free from side effects.

Find how to treat allergies at home

Here’s how to use OxyHives. Use it three times per day if you want to accomplish the best results. Spray twice under the tongue and avoid drinking liquids for 5-10 minutes, until the ingredients absorb into the blood system. It’s the reason why this natural remedy works quickly. The compounds included in its composition will bypass the digestive system, so the gastric juices will not alter them. And the effects will soon appear, as you will notice. The itching is diminished, redness fades away, and the stinging sensations disappear.

It was clinically proven to eliminate skin rash. Thousands of OxyHives reviews testify that this solution works from the first day of treatment. If prescribed pills need time to show positive results, the oral homeopathic spray will put you out of this misery, and lower the stress levels, too. As a consequence, you will start feeling better, and your self-esteem will improve, as well.

Where to buy OxyHives

Don’t search it in pharmacies or other traditional stores, because you will not find it there. Order it from OxyHives official website, and you will certainly enjoy the special prices and discounts. The best news is that it will treat your skin condition in the comfort of your home, and you do not need a medical prescription to use it.

It sounds incredible, but OxyHives also enhances the overall health of the consumers. When you use it regularly, it will help you to prevent the outbreak of skin. And if it wasn’t enough, this treatment also provides immediate results, aiding the consumers in keeping hives at bay. Use this high-quality spray and remove skin rash effectively!

Benefits of detoxification – Why you need to use Paratrex

More and more people deal with internal parasites at least once in their life. Though you have a proper hygiene, you cannot control everything around you so you might end up in bringing different forms of parasites into your system. Not only that these affect you physically, but they also diminish your overall life quality. To overcome all these symptoms and eliminate parasites, use Paratrex. It is the safest supplement for system detoxification, which is essential for invaders elimination.

What are the benefits of detoxification?

Detox is required when you have bloated abdomen and other digestive problems that indicate your infestation with internal parasites. Extended research published on WebMD shows that these are usually placed into your stomach or intestines and are progressively harming your body by absorbing all the nutrients from your food.  Intestinal worms use almost all your energy determining chronic fatigue followed by many bad consequences as you might already know. All the adverse symptoms caused by these parasites will be relieved only with Paratrex. This homeopathic treatment fights efficiently against intestinal worms.

Paratrex from creates an unfriendly environment for parasites to eliminate them.  Giardia or liver fluke are removed after using this medicine consistently as indicated. Your body is detoxified which means that parasites will face a clean body where no nutrients will help them survive.  Even if the benefits are not visible overnight, tremendous improvements are achieved step by step in 6 weeks. Clean your body with Paratrex, and you will feel better. Your physical condition will improve as well as all the other aspects of your life. As the disease is contagious, convince your partner to take the pills too. You will both enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind.  

Why do you need to use Paratrex?

Paratrex is a safe remedy for internal parasites that uses only natural ingredients to expel intruders. Cloves and Anmu are two active compounds that annihilate these intruders gradually without harming your body. These herb extracts have a high importance also because they treat any fungal problems you might encounter. Black Walnut takes away any form of intestinal worms that may poison your system. This component also supports a proper thyroid function and the overall detoxification. American Wormseed is the most efficient plant against intruders and fungal infections, bringing visible benefits even from the first use.

Get all the advantages of this homeopathic treatment by taking 3 drops before breakfast and lunch. So, 6 pills a day will save you from fever and nausea linked to intestinal worms. Order the treatment from supplier to receive the original formula with no side effects for your liver. Additionally, you may reclaim your funds back if the product was not efficient for you. However, most of the clients were impressed by the excellent improvements they achieved and decided not to return the product.

Detoxify yourself with Paratrex, the organic remedy that works wonders when you want to get rid of internal parasites. The revolutionary formula supports the natural banish of intestinal worms through completely cleansing of your body. Enhance your health to eliminate intruders for good and to be able to do what you like.

Open University New education initiative

Access to Success Route 2012/13 – for students living in England only

The Access to Success Route is our unique access provision designed for people on low incomes, who are new to higher education, and who do not have the qualifications traditionally required for university entry.

Our Access to Success Route is jointly funded by the Open University and the government’s National Scholarship Programme.

Will I be eligible?

You may be eligible for a place if you:

• Are new to the OU and have no previous higher education qualification
• Live in England
• Have an annual household income that is less than £25,000

If you find you are not eligible but are still interested in an introduction to higher education, you may be interested in studying one of our Openings modules as a standalone course or wish to look at some of our free introductory units available on OpenLearn

How much will it cost?

The Access to Success Route offers you a low-cost, low-risk entry route to higher education. All we’ll ask you to pay is a £25 contribution towards the cost of Step 1 (normal price £625) and a £50 contribution towards the cost of Step 2 (normal price £2500). So in total, you will be asked to pay just £75 for modules that would normally cost in excess of £3000. The Open University and the government’s National Scholarship Programme is covering all of the fees except these small contributions.

How long does it take?

The Step 1 Openings module will take a maximum of 20 weeks and the Step 2 30 or 60 credit modules take either 6 or 9 months.

When can I start?

Step 1 Openings module – you can start on either 1 September 2012, 1 November 2012, 1 March 2013 or 1 June 2013

Step 2 30 or 60 credit modules – these courses normally start in February and/or October each year. We recommend you start Step 2 at the next available start date once you’ve completed Step 1. Please ensure you chose the appropriate module in line with your chosen qualification.

So for example, if you start Step 1 in September 2012, you will start Step 2 on a module that starts from February 2013-July 2013. And if you start Step 1 in November 2012, March or June 2013, you will start Step 2 on a module which starts between August 2013-July 2014.

How do I find out more?

Request or download the Access to Success brochure
You can speak to an adviser on 0845 300 60 90
Please follow this link to Open University’s new education initiative giving disadvantaged learners in England the chance to experience higher education without the financial commitment

CYP Participation

Do you know where to signpost children and young people so they are able to access and influence democratic systems?

Would you like to know more about children and young people’s participation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the following information should be useful to your organisation and your children and young people.

This resource page on children and young people’s Participation (CYP) covers a wide variety of areas aimed at improving practice, up skilling workers and giving organisations and CYP access to knowledge, resources and information.

We have:

  • Mapped out Regional/National and Local VCS organisations that deliver participative and engagement activities/forums/councils etc.
  • Explained youth participation (with some underpinning theory and practice), why we have it and what role VCS organisations can play in participation.
  • Identified further organisations and resources supporting CYP participation, including toolkits, activities, standards and reports.
  • Identified and given access to relevant reading references to CYP participation.

Top Tips for Participation

Some ‘handy tips’, that help to facilitate, encourage or support the participation of children and young people (CYP):

  • Use accessible, enjoyable activities that use a variety of methods to engage with CYP that are geared around their interests.
  • Ensure that CYP understand the aims and outcomes that they hope for and agree upon.
  • Promote and facilitate team building activities.
  • Be prepared to participate alongside CYP on an equal basis.
  • Always listen to CYP.
  • Give CYP ownership.
  • By working in partnership with the CYP you can achieve more.
  • Involve CYP in activities which will show them the value of being involved.
  • Begin with one small issue and show how CYP’s involvement and everyone working together with an open mind will help to resolve the issue.
  • Provide CYP with rewards and incentives.

Local, regional and national participative opportunities for children and young people

G:up has mapped out local, regional and/national VCS organisations that deliver participative and engagement activities/forums/councils etc. These have been placed in alphabetical order for your convenience and are available to view on G:up’s Signposting Database.