CYP Participation

Do you know where to signpost children and young people so they are able to access and influence democratic systems?

Would you like to know more about children and young people’s participation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the following information should be useful to your organisation and your children and young people.

This resource page on children and young people’s Participation (CYP) covers a wide variety of areas aimed at improving practice, up skilling workers and giving organisations and CYP access to knowledge, resources and information.

We have:

  • Mapped out Regional/National and Local VCS organisations that deliver participative and engagement activities/forums/councils etc.
  • Explained youth participation (with some underpinning theory and practice), why we have it and what role VCS organisations can play in participation.
  • Identified further organisations and resources supporting CYP participation, including toolkits, activities, standards and reports.
  • Identified and given access to relevant reading references to CYP participation.

Top Tips for Participation

Some ‘handy tips’, that help to facilitate, encourage or support the participation of children and young people (CYP):

  • Use accessible, enjoyable activities that use a variety of methods to engage with CYP that are geared around their interests.
  • Ensure that CYP understand the aims and outcomes that they hope for and agree upon.
  • Promote and facilitate team building activities.
  • Be prepared to participate alongside CYP on an equal basis.
  • Always listen to CYP.
  • Give CYP ownership.
  • By working in partnership with the CYP you can achieve more.
  • Involve CYP in activities which will show them the value of being involved.
  • Begin with one small issue and show how CYP’s involvement and everyone working together with an open mind will help to resolve the issue.
  • Provide CYP with rewards and incentives.

Local, regional and national participative opportunities for children and young people

G:up has mapped out local, regional and/national VCS organisations that deliver participative and engagement activities/forums/councils etc. These have been placed in alphabetical order for your convenience and are available to view on G:up’s Signposting Database.